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    Argentina is known for its barrios (or neighborhoods) many tourists tend not to venture out but you should really do it. Argentina is much more than the tourist trail. Two barrios in particular you want to visit are Alto Palermo and Palermo Viejo. Alto Palermo is newer and home to a huge shopping mall, while Palermo Viejo is the oldest part of the barrio.
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    La Recoleta is where most people go. It is the trendiest of the barrios in Buenos Aires as it has upscale hotels, stores and boutiques. It's nice walking along here but it's super expensive to buy anything here. I myself too enjoyed the less upcale parts of Buenos Aires like San Telmo which has one of the oldest squares in the city.
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    City Center Buenos Aires

    The City Center (locals call it Microcentro) is most tourist attractions in Buenos Aires are located such as the Obelisk, Plaza de Mayo, the Pink House, the Cathedral, Avenida de Mayo, Congress, Florida Shopping Street, Teatro Colon and Plaza San Martin. the only thing you won't enjoy there though is how busy it is with cars and people and how noisy it is. Still, Microcentro is a good base because it is very easy to get around and the subway system runs to all corners of it.

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