Arriving at Liberia airport

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    Liberia airport is not right in Liberia. The airport is about 15-20 minutes west of Liberia itself. The roads from Liberia airport to the Arenal area are in good condition. If you plan to hire a car, it takes around 3 hours from Liberia to the Arenal area. I'd say though that if your flight arrives after 2 pm, it is best to spend the night in the area - or drive part of the way and spend the night in Canas. I wouldn't suggest driving all 3 hours after dark.
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    Arriving Liberia LIR airport

    I traveled to Costa Rica a couple of years ago and the process for arrivals was 1)passport control 2)buggage collection 3)customs. when going towards passport control (they call it migracion) you will find two queues: one says No Residentes (non-citizens) and another queue that says Residentes (citizens). After collecting your bags, you will go through customs which is where you turn over your customs form.
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    Liberia airport $29 departure tax

    If you can try and land at Liberia Airport. Compared to San Jose Airport it is a breeze going through security. When you depart don't forget about the $29 departure tax. Give yourself enough time to pay this and fill out your form.
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    If you're arriving to LIR, contact LAR Transportes. They are the best option. Read up on their services on Trip Advisor. You'll be glad you did.

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