arriving at Managua airport at night

Discussion in 'Nicaragua' started by Jimmi2, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Jimmi2

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    if your flight to Nicaragua is scheduled to arrive late at night, I recommend arranging transportation to Granada in advance by booking a shuttle with "Paxeos", which is the main Nicaraguan company offering reliable transportation for tourist to most parts of Nicaragua. As far as price, I paid $17 for a trip from Managua airport to Granada...the trip was fast and certainly cheaper than a taxi.
  2. 3april

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    Aside from Paxeos, another suggestion would be Adelante Express but either way, paxeos or adelante are great. I have used both and have had a good experience, though Adelante has an offer where one of you pay $45 and the other pay $25. I believe Paxeos charge something like $35 per person.
  3. Listenkoi

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    There are several shuttle services, though Adelante and Paxeos are the best. Adelante is by far the cheapest ( I think it was $75 for two people) and they offer regular offers like discounts when you also book a few other transfers with them.

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