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    hi guys,
    we’re looking ar a trip to Italy and I’ll be glad for some input on Italy’s art and where to go? Thanks!
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    Hi there,

    The Uffizi Gallery in Florence holds many of the grandest treasures of the Renaissance, while the nearby Galleria dell"Accademia is home to one of the most famous sculptures in all the world: Michelangelo"s David.

    The Vatican Museums, located within the city limits of Rome, hold all of the Catholic Church"s immense treasures, capped off with the imposing St. Peter"s and one of the major highlights of many trips to Italy, the Sistine Chapel.
  3. Hi,

    Italy has amazing art and beauty. I was there in college and was amazed at the beauty (even though I was a business major and not into art ;-) ).

    The great thing is that in many of the Italian cities, you get a Local Guide to escort you to these places, so you get local people to give you the highlights. To me, that is more fun than trying to teach or show yourself.

    Have fun!

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