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    Jenna mentioned going to Aruba over the Fourth of July to see the fireworks, which got me thinking about other events on the pink sand beaches, vibrant city centers and exciting resorts of Aruba.

    Here is the post for that.

    Aruba celebrates a host of national holidays, beginning with New Year's Day. January 25 is Betico Croes birthday. He led the charge to make Aruba free in the 1980s, so his birthday is a kind of Independence Day. The calendar also includes Carnival in February, Good Friday and Easter, Labor Day, and then Christmas and Boxing Day at the end of the year.
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    Best time to Visit Aruba is from April-December. remember to avoid the hurricane seasons and s=be sure to participate in the Carnival festivities from January until March. There is so much to see and do in Aruba your holidays will seem short, from cruising to the hip nightlife, casinos, spas, shopping, beaching and THE place for romantic honeymooners:)
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    diving in Aruba

    Palm beach is the best place to stay in Aruba because it has lots of resorts along it, though i personally recommend staying in Eagle beach. There, you will find nothing but 'low-rise' resorts and the beach faces south west so is great for diving. In fact, most of Aruba's dive sites lie along the protected western and southern coasts.

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