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Discussion in 'Aruba' started by VacationBuddy, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    Are you looking for Aruba advice and information from Aruba Travel Forum members?

    Post Aruba travel questions and get insights from real travelers and forum members. Some of the highlights of the Aruba travel forum are threads on weather in Aruba and things to do.

    Get advice on Aruba villas as well as nightlife in Aruba.

  2. DianaHood

    DianaHood New Member

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the information and this start up!
    I am glad because a year back I had been to Aruba and only for one day as it was a draw day on a business trip and I just had time to visit the Archaeological Museum which I found very good.

    I am again going to get two days there and would very much like to know what should be best to visit in these two days.

    Secondly, what should be the best mode of transportation (as for the one day that I had been to the museum I had hired a car and was very expensive that day)???

  3. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    Hi Diana,

    By far the cheapest and one of the best ways to get around in Aruba is by bus. Buses won't take you to every back road in Aruba but buses are a great way to move between Oranjestad, San Nicolas, Palm Beach and other beaches, and the hotel zones.

    Other places worth checking out during your trip includes:

    - The Historical Museum, which explores the island's distant past up through its Dutch and Spanish periods.

    - The Numismatic Museum, which looks at a collection of 30,000 coins from Aruba and the world.

    Hope this helps
  4. sarasmile

    sarasmile New Member

    When you say the best way to travel is by bus; do you mean bus tours or local transit system. Is the local transit system safe. My friend and I thinking about traveling to Aruba but I'm a little concerned about our safety. Can you give me any tips for two women traveling in Aruba.
  5. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    The cheapest way to get around in Aruba is by using the bus system. Buses are very cheap and fares cost around 1$.

    Aruba is a wonderful place and I would say it is safer than most places. Single women travelers, of course, have to be weary of their safety, but this is anywhere in the world.

    Other things you want to avoid are flashing cash in public and traveling at night.

    Hope this helps
  6. d360

    d360 Administrator

    The biggest danger is late nights at the clubs with strange men. Avoid guys you don't know, stay in a groups, and don't go makeout on the beach as tempting as it might be. Have friends be your backup.

    Happy Travels!
  7. stefanruse

    stefanruse New Member

    This is very nice advice d360.During my vacation in Croatia I was robbed outside the hotel by 2 men.Unpleasant and scary I can say.And I was alone and kind of drunk.But anyway,I plan to visit Aruba soon so I must be aware-thank you.
  8. tamara88

    tamara88 New Member

    Traveling is one of my hobby and Aruba haven't got into my lists. With those divi-divi trees on beaches with wind-sculpted shape landscape. Beaches are one hot spot when you want to go on a country. This is what I want to try in Aruba, where I've search that they have magical coves carved out of limestone.

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