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Discussion in 'Aruba' started by magnetoos, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. magnetoos

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    hi people, we're considering the idea of Aruba villa rental for the first time and I am wondering what the advantages are of villa rental? Any ideas?
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    The advantages of Aruba villa rental are that you get private rooms, usually a full kitchen and dining areas. If you go for a luxury villa you can even get a hot tub, a pool decked out with waterfalls and swim-up bars, gazebos, tropical gardens, terraces or patios, and daily maid service.

    Another great thing about Aruba villa rental is that Aruba villas are often located close to the Oranjestad or Palm Beach areas as this is where most of the activities, amenities, shopping areas, and other things to do on the island are located.
  3. Andrew

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    Hi magnetoos, Aruba villa rental offers many advantages versus Aruba hotels and you can make a massive saving compared to the cost of staying in any of the Aruba hotels. Aruba villa rental definitely gives you plenty of space to relax and a pleasure to enjoy your Aruba tour comfortably with beautiful surroundings. Most of the Aruba villa rentals have spacious living & dining room, bedroom, private bath, private pool, patio, barbecue and full sized kitchen with all facilities.

    The one in which we had our Aruba vacation was very close to the Palm beach with spacious 2 bedrooms, living room & fully equipped kitchen. We have rented for a week and our stay was very pleasant. We enjoyed lot of activities on the island too. There are plenty of Aruba villa rental available to suit everyone's budget and if you plan during low season that is from Sep - Nov, then the cost will be very cheap. We paid only 1400US$ for a week for 4 during mid Sep. So choose one of the Aruba villa rentals, book in advance and enjoy the lovely beaches in Aruba and do swim, sail, snorkel, dive, scuba diving, fishing and many other ocean adventures during your Aruba vacation. Have a nice trip!

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