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Discussion in 'Macau' started by VacationBuddy, Aug 20, 2011.

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    The 4th Annual Asia Adult Expo kicked off yesterday 19th of August at the Venetian Macao. Everything from sexy lingerie and adult costumes, to inflatable dolls will be on display for three days by companies looking to show off their sexy products to China's growing middle class.

    The sex industry is certainly tapping in to mainland China and other Asian markets which is solid sign of how rapid social changes in China are driving new businesses. If you imagined several decades ago, you couldn't fathom this in Asia, but nowadays shops selling sexual aids are common in many Asian cities. What are your thoughts about the Asia Adult Expo in Macau?
  2. solomonG

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    China sex industry is booming

    Im surprised it didn't happen much earlier to be honest..China being the most populated country in the world, you would think that the US sex industry would have tapped into China much earlier.

    I agree with you VacationBuddy that the Asia Adult Expo is a sign of changing and moving times in China and Asia. Btw, the United States also had similar taboos regarding sex not too long ago but we the arrive of the internet you can now browse whatever subject you are curious about in the privacy of your own homes with no fear of cultural repercussions.
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    my thoughts on sex industry

    With the global financial crisis and countries economic meltdown...hows the Asia Adult Expo helping the world? I dont get it, if we are in a real crisis aren't everyone supposed to suffer?

    I guess the wealthy are never affected by global depressions, natural disasters, famine, poverty, fact, it's so good for the ones with wealth to be coming up with adult shows and so on so they can cash in even more on people's misfortunes.

    By the way, I don't thin western companies really have a foot in China for the simple fact that the Asia Adult Expo is held in Macau and not mainland proper, and second, getting the Chinese out of their shells and being comfortable with sex is surely going to have a dent on China’s population control policies.

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