Asuncion...then off to Trinidad

Discussion in 'Paraguay' started by JordiCruz, Mar 31, 2012.

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    im planning to visit the historical city of Asuncion...whats not to miss there?also, could you advise on the best option to travel to Trinidad and Jesus out of Asuncion? I am travelling by myself rather than on an organized tour because it's so expensive. thanks
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    Asuncion to Trinidad by car

    most of the places to see in Asuncion are located with the center of the city and include the Panteon de los Heroes, Palacio de Lopez, Catedral, Iglesia de la Encarnacion, Cabildo, Manzana de la Rivera, and Casa de la Independencia.

    As far as traveling to Trinidad, it will take about 6 hours drive by road with car rental and over 10 hours by bus. I'd personally rent a car and head south along Route's a pretty straight forward drive!

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