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    There are several ways to get to Athens city centre from Athens airport via bus, metro and taxis. If you are going anywhere else in the city centre like Monastiraki or Thissio, you can catch the metro as there are metro stops on the direct line from the airport. If you're going to Syntagma square, the bus or taxi will be the best option . The metro journey takes around 40 minutes, while the bus takes about 1hr, though buses run every 15 minutes.
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    Athens airport options to transfer

    yep, this is true. Only three options to transfer: taxis, buses and the Metro. Taxis queue outside the terminal, though most taxi drivers don't speak English so I suggest writing your hotel name/address in Greek. And, be sure to know how to ask the taxi drivers to reset their meters. They have a tendency to already have the meter running before they get there. Basic rate to city centre by taxi is about $40 daytime, $65 nightime.
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    Re: Athens airport options to transfer

    Yes, $40 is about 35 euros and that's the taxi rate for a ride to the centre of Athens (takes 20 mins). If you plan to go further like Pilio you can expect to pay over €300. Of course, Pilio is nearly 3 hrs ride from the airport.


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