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    if you plant to visit there, be in the know that there are only 7 main ATM machines in the islands: 3 in kingstown St Vincent (Scotia Bank), 2 in Bequia (RBTT and BOSVG banks), 1 in Union Island (BOSVG bank) and 1 in Canouan (BOSVG bank).

    Withdrawing money from the ATM's is never an issue but if you want to make transactions in the banks, be aware that it takes ages because of long's a small island so bank tellers know every one and they chat with them while doing business.
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    I'd add to this that all banks in the island have a similar exchange rate so you can exchange your dollars from the first bank you see there and remember that traveller cheques give a better rate than cash. I think the exchange rate at the moment is $1= 2.60 Eastern Caribbean
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    Also, all banks handle travellers' cheques but make sure you take traveller's cheques in US Dollars and passport, which is required when cashing travellers' cheques. Banks also change most foreign currencies, but don't forget that banks only open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Thursday.

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    Can you use credit cards some places? That would save you from having to go to the bank for certain things. Although it's smart to have some cash with you. Sometimes it's possible to get cash changed ahead of time. I know I've seen places in Chicago that will do that and maybe some other big cities I've been to.

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