ATM's vs money changers

Discussion in 'Papua New Guinea' started by RobertKelly, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. RobertKelly

    RobertKelly New Member

    There are hardly any money changers in PNG so it best not to bring money to change. Instead use ATM's but make sure you use ATM's in hotel lobby's or other places where security is good. Bank of the South Pacific have ATM's in many locations as does ANZ and Westpac.
  2. vitoriam

    vitoriam New Member

    I suggest going to the ATM at Bank South Pacific as it offers the best for credit card cash advances without fees. ANZ Bank ATM's charge about $5 (PGK12) fee to withdraw money. Westpac Bank ATM's seem to be at times temperamental and sometimes their machines don't seem to work.

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