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Discussion in 'Jordan' started by drhomes, Jul 1, 2008.

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    Jordan is my favorite country as it has many holy sites and especially Petra I’d like to visit soon. I have already been to Amman and didn't have enough days to visit Petra. Also I want to stay in Petra alone for 2 weeks to visit the wonders of Jordan, so help on the most interesting places and things to do in Petra. how far is it from Amman? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    I have done a day tour in Petra may be 5 years back with my friends and as far as I saw really Petra is one of the finest archaeological destinations in the world. After visited Amman, We arrived to Petra by taking a direct minibus from Amman. During our Petra day tour, we have entered to the city through the Siq, a narrow gorge with more than 1 kilometer in length and walking through the Siq was an amazing experience. The colors and formations of the rocks are really dazzling. When we reached the end of the Siq, we saw the glimpse of Al-Khazneh (Treasury).After we went to Petra's Great Temple which is located on the south side of the Colonnaded Street. One of the most interesting thing we noticed in the Great Temple was the well preserved Nabataean plaster on some of the walls. The Petra Museum has lots of interesting items on display including Nabataean coins, water pipes, Nabataean potter etc., Then we went to the Petra Archaeological Park and explored the monuments, steep walled canyons and old caravan roads. Really Petra is an amazing city with hundreds of tombs and funerary vaults and that's it for Petra. We have visited many, but I listed only few, so if you go there, you can visit more places than what we had. Hope you'll have a nice visit too!
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    wow! Petra has these many things, i never knew. now i'm thinking of to take Petra Tour, so can you suggest some genuine travel agent who arranges Petra tour..looking forward to your response again..

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