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    I am making it a point to visit Jaffa while in Tel Aviv...can someone tell me what the town of Jaffa is like and what attractions to see there?
  2. Jenna

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    Jaffa is a much quieter place than the bustling Tel Aviv, and the population is a diverse mix of Jewish, Christian, and Arabic citizens.

    In Jaffa, you will find several interesting attractions, including the charming wishing bridge, whose railings feature the zodiac signs, and at one end of the bridge you'll see a beautiful mosaic.

    Other great places to visit in Jaffa include:

    - the Old Town of Jaffa
    - St. Peter’s Catholic Church, which also served as a hostel where Napoleon stayed
    - the Ramesses Gate
    - the Zodiac alleys leading to the port
    - the clock tower
    - the outdoor local flea market.
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    The port city of Jaffa takes its name from a Hebrew word for beautiful, so you call tell right away it's worth a visit. Mentioned in the Bible, prized by the Romans and Arabians, ruled by Ottomans and now a part of Israel Jaffa has a lot of history under its belt. Jenna's list is pretty for things to do. The flea market happens on Sunday, Thursday and Friday, so you'll want to keep that in mind.

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