Attractions near Choc Beach

Discussion in 'St. Lucia' started by SharkAttk, Sep 15, 2017.

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    We have booked a hotel near Choc Beach, and staying for 5 days. Looking for nice attractions near this beach, and any interesting outdoor activities. Any help is appreciated... Thanks.
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    Choc Beach is located on the North coast of St. Lucia with smooth blue waters and very quiet environment. It offers many thing to do, and numerous nearby attractions such as Treasure Bay Casino, Eudovic's Art Studio, Choc Cemetery, La Toc Battery and Fort Rodney. There are many other beautiful beaches available near Choc Beach and you can really enjoy the beauty of Vigie Beach, Malabar Beach and Donkey Beach. Swimming & relaxing at St. Lucia's wonderful beaches is certainly a fun way to enjoy. So have a nice time & enjoy.

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