August 6-10: 21 years old nighlife schedule

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Nightlife and Afterhours' started by ownurlife, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. ownurlife

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    hi guys,
    we're two 21 years old guy that go to Vegas for our birthday. We made a nightlife schedule of our vacations (thursday to monday). Please comment our schedule and keep in mind that we don't want to go into clubs that are 40+ years old.

    We'll be staying at the Mirage hotel,

    Here our schedule:

    Thursday: TAO or Jet?
    Saturday: ??????? There's nothing on saturdays?
    Sunday: Rehab + Body English

    There's nothing clear on any website about great club for particular night like saturdays (it's like everthing is open but none are crazy...)

    Thanks for your comments and excuse my english
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Hi there,

    For Staurday entertainmet I can sugget, LAVO Restaurant and Nightclub located inside the Palazzo Resort and Casino opens every night from 10pm to 5am.

    Also, you have Krave! nightclub next to the Planet Hollywood Hotel and it has one of the largest dance floors on the strip with one of the best light shows in the country. It opens Friday & Saturday at 10pm

    By the way, Jet nightclub has massive rooms and opens til 4am and Tao nightclub opens til 5am. Both are great choices. Apart from that, the itineray looks good. Have fun!
  3. ownurlife

    ownurlife New Member

    thx for replying,

    on thursdays, I've read that Jet has only the main room openned, does that mean that's gonna be a smooth night?

    Second.... Krave is a Gay nightclub, seriously not interested hehe

    We were thinking to do the Palms Clubs Circuit... I think it's 3 or 4 clubs for 60$; something about a bracelet.
  4. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    hi, JET Nightclub's Main Room is quite big and on thursdays and they play a mix of top-40, hip-hop, mash-ups and house music. The entry fee is $30 and free for locals.

    If you buy the general admission all access pass is around $40 for thursday or Sunday. The pass gives you access to the Palms clubs..Ghostbar, the Rain, the Moon & Playboy Clubs

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