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Discussion in 'Texas' started by world trecker, Sep 18, 2006.

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    My wife and I just returned from Austin City Limits (we're big Tom Patty fans!), and we had a great time. Despite being the "geezers" in the audience, there was plenty of good music to be had. I have some in-laws in the city so we visited with them on Day 2 of the festival (we couldn't miss Tom on the 3rd day, and I wanted to see Van Morrison on Day 1). Van was great, even though he's older than I am. he ran through about 20 of his songs, most of them the well-known ones, and finished with "Gloria." I've seen Van numerous times in the past, and while it's clear he's getting up there in age, it's great to still see him working.

    The Tom Petty set was crazy...they played through some of their hits for about 45 minutes before a downpour pushed them off the stage. About 30-45 minutes later they returned though and played for another hour. A bunch of people started to leave once the rain started, but Tom said they'd come back out when it subsided, so me and the misses stuck around. The festival ended (Tom was the close) with "Running Down a Dream."

    Got in the plane this morning and I'm back in sunny Florida!

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