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    Princess Cruises is the latest cruise operator to start announcing new itineraries in this part of the world, with 4 ships (the most of any North American cruise line) to be deployed run these routes in 2012-13.

    There are several itineraries avilable, which can include seeing a solar eclipse, cruising around Australia, and cruising to New Zealand from one of the major ports in Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne). These Australia cruises and cruises to New Zealand sound like they'll be a great way to travel through the region—are any travelers planning to book with Princess or another cruise line?
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    How exciting! Kate, have you heard where these cruises begin? Do you have to fly to Sydney to start out or do you take a really long boat ride from the U.S.? It might be nice to avoid that long flight!
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    2012-2013 Australia and NZ Itineraries

    As far as I know, these new itineraries include a 33 day Australia and NZ circumnavigation, a 28 day Australian cruise with an overnight in Hobart, and a 17 day northern explorer cruise!

    this is great especially if looking to combine Aus and NZ, and always wanted to do the Tree Top Forest Walk in Hobart, see Russell Falls, explore the historic Port Arthur, doing night tours of Bonorong National Park, and guided walks through rainforests with wildlife...;)

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