Austrian Grand Prix 2014

Discussion in 'Austria' started by Danny, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    The Austrian Grand Prix is set to return to Styria sometime in the summer of 2014, though this needs to be formally approved by the FIA later this year, when it rubber stamps the 2014 calendar at a meeting of its World Motor Sport Council. Anyone been to a Grand Prix before?
  2. Kharmabeatz

    Kharmabeatz New Member

    Just letting ya'll know that the FIA has approved the Austrian Grand Prix, which I believe will take place sometime in June 2014. Saying this, people traveling there should know that the Airport serving Spielberg is over 90 miles away and the nearest towns to the Spielberg ring are Graz, Wolfsberg, St Veit and Klagenfurt. which are about an hour's drive.
  3. RomanFeduri

    RomanFeduri New Member

    Some folk say that the Austrian grand prix was meant to take place on July 6...last week, I heard it would be on June 29 and now appears the Austrian grand prix race will take place on the weekend of June 22. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. De34ht7

    De34ht7 New Member

    It's great to see Austria is back on the map! With the addition of New Jersey, Sochi and the Red Bull Ring the F1 will have 22 races in total. However, I heard Berni Ecclestone wants 20 races into total, which means two GP's will disappear. I'm guessing they will remove Korea or India?

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