Azores Islands?

Discussion in 'Portugal' started by wanderer, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    Has anyone been to the Azores? I would really like to go, but it seems like the flight prices are insane. Would it be better to fly to Lisbon first and then go? By insane, I mean like $8,000 from the states to Ponta Delgada. Or is there a way to get their by sea from the mainland? Thanks for your advice on getting to the Azores.
  2. even40's

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    flight to Azores Islands for $700

    whoa, 8,000 bucks? where did you prices like that? I flew direct from NYC and only paid something like $700, which was great considering it was a non-stop flight. Even if you're flying from the west coast I can't see how it could be anything close to $8000. I know if you depart from Mexico or the Caribbean is like $900 with stop overs.
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    diving in Azores Islands

    never been to azores before but saw a documentary about the place and it looks stunning. apparently, you can dive off around the islands through volcanic rock formations and oceanic blue sharks. I cant believe I never knew azores islands existed especially since they're located midway between America and Portugal. looking at the picture on d360 guide, azores seems like the faulklands because of the greenery and houses...

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