Baby boom at Boston's zoo

Discussion in 'Massachusetts' started by mitraveler, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. mitraveler

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    The Franklin Park Zoo in Boston has a whole crop of new babies! After the big snowstorm, a bunch of new babies were born. A Grant's zebra, named Nemo (after the storm) was born to mom Cheyenne and dad James. The next baby to come was bongo, an African antelope, joining a new giraffe and a new gorilla born last year.

    The zoo in Boston is part of Zoo New England along with the Stone Zoo in Stoneham.
  2. AtomicaII

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    Good to hear that because this zoo was lacking in exhibits. Also, I'm wondering where are they going to place them? Boston's zoo is so small as it is and with the new arrivals there won't be any space..
  3. suppacaffeine

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    Poor little things being born amidst a huge snowstorm. Zebras are not really built for the cold weather but I guess since they're born in captivity they don't know better. It seems the baby zebra is loving the far as the bongo calf, you won't get to see it until the spring because bongos are temperature sensitive.

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