backpacking trip in Glacier National Park

Discussion in 'Montana' started by sekop09, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. sekop09

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    hey guys,

    Three of my best friends are planning to explore the Glacier National Park on a backpacking trip for the first time, and we need your input.

    1)Do we need permits for fishing?
    2) accommodation options in Glacier National Park?
    3) can we explore the park in two days?

  2. Ruby

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    You will need more than 2 days to be able to explore the vast Glacier National Park, although a couple of days will be enough to leave long time memories of this majestic park.

    The park has cabin rentals and campgrounds right by the lake where you can observe the beautiful wildlife. You won't need a license or a permit to go fishing but do stop by the park's visitor centers to find out all about the fishing regulations.
  3. monkaT

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    hey guys, we are not seasoned hikers, but we'd like to explore Glacier National Park but we're worries about the park's ruggedness and remoteness. is it possible to take easy day hikes? any other tips regarding safety, wildlife and weather, etc? thanks for any comments!
  4. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    It's remote but you can definitely enjoy easy day hikes in Glacier NP. I'd say though to watch out for wildlife while on a trail in Glacier National Park, especially goats. The reason I say this is because no matter how tame the mountain goats may seem, these are still wild.

    There are no poisonous snakes to worry about, but you really have to watch out for elk, mountain goats, bears and big horn sheep.

    As far as weather, Glacier National Park's sits right in the middle of the Continental Divide so both parts of the park have different weathers, like on the eastern side, which is warmer but windier than the western side.

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