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    There's always something festive going on in the Bahamas, But the holidays and big events are even more fun. The year kicks off with a grand celebration on New Year's Day.

    On August 1, Emancipation Day is a cause for celebration. Discovery Day (aka Columbus Day) arrives on October 12. Christmas and Boxing Day show off the island's roots. Independence Day, complete with fireworks, is July 10.

    These events and holidays are a great way to experience the culture of the island and have fun at the same time.

    Have you attended any of these events?
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    Emancipation Day is probably the biggest event of the calendar year in the Bahamas and it's also the oldest event in the Bahamas. The celebration is mainly concentrated in the village of Fox Hill village of Nassau (a former slave village) in central Bahamas. Don't forget though that the Junakoo festival is also celebrated during Emancipation Day, which means you get a double chance to celebrate;)
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    more Bahamas annual events

    if anyone is traveling to the Bahamas this autumn. A few events happening at that time are Bahamarts Festival (Sep 26- 28), the International Cultural Festival (Oct 20-21), Nassau Cup Ocean Race (Nov 7-10) and the Bahamas Speed Week Revival (Nov 24- Dec 2). Btw, congrats to the Bahamas men's 4x400meter relay team for winning gold at the London Olympics;)

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