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    Bali is a beautiful place with some excellent resorts and nightlife. You'll find some lovely black beaches on the northern coast. They are a little quieter than the white-sand beaches on the south. The beaches have great waves, so the surfers love them. At night. there is always a party going at at least one of the beaches in Bali.
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    Kuta Beach is southern Bali used to be a quiet fishing village. It's now a top-notch resort town with elegant resorts, but the long stretch of sandy beach remains the same.
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    best beaches in Bali

    I love Dreamland beach and Pemuteran for diving. I went twice to those beaches when I was in Bali last year. Dreamland beach is particularly nice if you can rent a chair and umbrella for little money. It is gorgeous! The water can be a bit rough, so be careful.
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    The beaches are so super clear! i remember the last time i went there... it was truly an experience of a life time. you should also see if you can get some scuba classes there!
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    Yes! I believe that Bali is a good option for what you desire. I can easily recommend the well-known beaches called Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur, but also the less-known ones called Padang Padang, Bingin, Uluwatu, and Dreamland! As for the hotel, I think you should look for every hotel near those beaches and then call them and ask if they can provide what you want.
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    Bali is renowned world over for its scenic beauty and exotic culture. Never visited the place, but heard a lot about Ubud and Denpensar.
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