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Discussion in 'Indonesia' started by TeeKoo, Oct 29, 2012.

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    Hi. Bali is amazing island. Ive now been here 2 weeks, 1 more week left. Get motorbike and go explore around bali. I took 4 nights to just drive around all the way to lovina. Didnt see dolphins, but was great trip. Bike I rented from kuta and it was about 4 dollars/day. Taxis are cheap, food cheap and great. Hotels I booked from travel agency. I think I cant advertise it here, but got good prices. :) Ask me from email details if wanna know the company. But anyway, 1 week left and now ill head to the surfing...
  2. drast

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    sounds good... enjoy your time... you'll miss it when you are in your country
  3. woodhausen

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    when to travel to Bali

    Bali is one of my favorite places in south east Asia but I suggest avoiding traveling during the monsoon season if you dont like the humidity. The levels of humidity can be nearly 100% most days plus the hot weather makes the weather in Bali seriously sweaty between October and April. Still, I prefer traveling during the monsoon than the high season because airfare and hotels are cheapest then.
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    I too prefer traveling during the monsoon to save on flight tickets, though it takes a bit of getting used to the humidity levels.

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