Baltimore's Star Spangled Spectacular

Discussion in 'Maryland' started by Kalafnikoof, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Kalafnikoof

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    hey guys, did you know Baltimore is going to held the 200th anniversary of the making of the american anthem? it's going to be between Sept. 6-16 and the event is going to host replica 19th-century tall ships and fireworks at chesapeake bay.
  2. mum&paps

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    The Naval War of 1812 exhibit

    I had the chance to see Naval War of 1812 exhibit last year and I got see the private collection of Mr. William I. Koch with the collection of the US Naval Academy Museum. This exhibit was informative and taugh about the outcomes of the War with specific focus on the naval battles. Not sure if the exhibit is running to inquiry this with the United States Naval Academy
  3. jackthelad

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    Cannot wait for this event...ive never seen Tall ships and naval vessels before so I really can't wait. I heard the Blue Angels will be performing too which is superb;)
  4. mitraveler

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    It's always good to see the Blue Angels! I did check the US Naval Academy Museum and didn't see a listing of special exhibits, so I'm not sure if that exhibit is still there, but I am sure they have something about the War of 1812. They do have the flag that Admiral Perry flew over his ship during his victory for the Battle of Lake Erie.

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