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Discussion in 'Thailand' started by jhendrick, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. jhendrick

    jhendrick New Member

    I have heard there are many tailors in Bangkok is there any good one that you people have been to?
    I am looking to have couple of suits and shirts made.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    In Bangkok , you can find reasonably priced and quality clothes in the popular Bangkok shopping areas. Few years back I did 2 weeks tour in Thailand, but preferred to make shopping at Bangkok. I stayed at Bangkok for 6 days and made 2 suits and 4 shirts from one of the tailors around the Bangkok shopping area, even you can try with James Fashion, Moon River or Raja's International custom tailor. Also you can find hundreds of tailors around the major hotels and business areas like Surawong, Silom and Sukhumvit road. If you are looking for a specific material, then visit Pahurat textile market which has 100's of varieties. The Thai silk is very popular and good looking for making shirts or evening dresses, even I had 2 shirts. No trip to Thailand is complete without spending some money at Bangkok shopping centres, and even you can buy jewelry, shoes, bags and branded luxury goods. Hope this helps :)
  3. Jbetia

    Jbetia New Member

    I've used Excelsior twice in the past, and I'm very happy. I thought they were a tad steep, but for 800$ the price i paid in summer 2006, I got a 2 piece woolen suit, 7 all cotton shirts, and 5pr of pants. The work was excellent, the shirts are holding up very well, and everyone loves the suit. I feel the most well dressed person in my town.
    For what it's worth, I wanted a dark pinstriped suit, and they had lots of material to offer. The Sales and my wife twisted my arm into taking the "latest and greatest" herring bone type of weave which didn't really excite me. It took over a year before I saw anything similar here in the states, and then for over $1000, non custom made. I really, really love that suit. Tie it into a knot, stuff it in a suitcase, and it comes out almost wrinkle free, light as a feather, and it looks great.

    I'm getting some cotton-silk shirts next run, and possibly some pants. My son gets a suit. (My wife gets the bill?). . Also, if you have pictures of outfits that you like, take them. It helps with the final creation.

    115/1 Siamheritage opposite the Le Meridien.I guess they are the first tailor shop on the area,and its always best to get suits at business districts of Bangkok.
  4. Krispy

    Krispy New Member

    There's a lot of tailors near Khaaosan Road. The tailors in this area tend to be cheaper than in upmarket areas, but the quality is the same. New Boston Tailor at the end of Khaosan Road near Buddy Lodge is good, I've used this one before. There's also one on Soi Rhambhutri next to the Four Sons restaurant that I like.
  5. rmabel

    rmabel New Member

    We used Pro Tailor for tops, Pj's, pants, dresses etc (about dozen items) Jan 09 and they were all great. The finishing and fit all good (my mum has a custom sportswear factory so she knows what we are looking at). Also of mention is that the family are genuine, friendly and so, so obliging. Quality workmanship. Absolutely, recommended.

    TKSKIP New Member

    Most Tailors in Bangkok and Pattaya use the same off site sewing people, just go with the one that gives you the best deal. You can shop around, there are loads of shops in Thailand.
  7. Andy121

    Andy121 New Member

    I use Toms Fashion at 19, Soi Preeda, Sukhumvit Soi 8, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. VERY good service, really friendly guys who take pride in their work and spend a long, long time measuring you up to get the right fit. Very Professional I must say and I found the fitting is very good. Fully Satisfied.
  8. PatricStrow

    PatricStrow New Member

    I think that tailors you can find everywhere in Bangkok. I made couple suites while my staying but think that quality is almost everywhere is the same. You can find many tailor shops in BKK mall.
  9. stuartthomas

    stuartthomas New Member

    Hi Jhendrick,

    Yeah all information is really correct, There are many custom tailors in Bangkok. I have been using a Bangkok tailor services since a long time and my all family members also like to wear custom suits made by locally Bangkok tailors. So I would like to recommend about Toms fashion custom tailor in Bangkok. You can go through the website. I am the big fan of tom’s fashion, really very friendly tailor.

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