Bangkok to Aranyaprathet border

Discussion in 'Cambodia' started by Vasplhui67, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Vasplhui67

    Vasplhui67 New Member

    hey people! what's the best and cheapest way to get to the Aranyaprathet border from Bangkok? btw, I am traveling to Bangkok in May
  2. ThankYou!!

    ThankYou!! New Member

    get a taxi

    you can get the taxi or the bus. the bus is cheapest and you can board it from Morchit to the Aranyaprathet border but it'll take more than 5 hours at least. Personally, if you don't mind paying a bit more then, it's better to get a taxi who will take you there directly. Also, how many of you are traveling?The reason I ask is because if you share the taxi it'll work out cheaper.


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