Barcelona crime rate

Discussion in 'Spain' started by ryder, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. ryder

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    I've been hearing some sketchy things about the Barcelona crime rate and how it's not the safest place right now. Is there anything to it? I'm not worried about myself, but I have some female family members going over there for a little bit in about a month, and I'm kind of worried about them. Any tips on how to avoid becoming a victim? Or is it even true? Thanks.
  2. everyann

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    Re: Barcelona crime rate?

    As a tourist they'll probably have to deal with petty theft, if anything. Not too big of a deal. Tell your family members not to carry too much cash in their wallets/purses. Don't be flashy with any valuable items. I've heard of basically burying the wallet or cash in places that make it difficult for them not to notice it's being stolen. Maybe a plastic or something loud like it.

    Theives seem to have a sixth sense about tourists and can spot them anywhere. An advice: don't behave as the typical one. Doing this can make the trip that much more smoother.

    Being female, you'll also want to encourage them to ride a taxi at night. Walking in the dark or unlit areas are definitely higher risk for them.
  3. nieves22

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    Re: Barcelona crime rate?

    In these days, Barcelona isn't safe, but it's the same as any big city...
    Don't have a backpack on the back, always have it in front.

    -Plaza Reial
    -Gothic area

    These are area you must be careful...
    Don't walk alone early morning nor midnight.
    I hope they can have a good trip.
  4. GFluz

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    Re: Barcelona crime rate?

    Yeah I heard the same rap about Rome. I lived there for 6 months and yeah the crime rate is pretty high. But im sure like said before, its a city. You just have to be smart about what you have on you and always keep an eye on your valubles
  5. manuelrodriguez

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    Re: Barcelona crime rate?

    as an additions to suggestions posted above, when traveling to another place, the first thing to do is to look for some information where to ask help in case of trouble. like contact numbers of the police, foreign affairs, embassies and etc. they will surely help in pointing out where are theese dangerous places to avoid these crimes and criminal.
  6. joe

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    Re: Barcelona crime rate?

    Nice suggestions, guys (and gals). It's a good rule of thumb to be extra cautious when you're a tourist in any foreign city. Sometimes it seems you're a walking bulls-eye. Take the extra precautions beforehand so you don't need to spend the entire trip wigging out or looking over your shoulder.
  7. rimu1

    rimu1 New Member

    I spent a week in Barcelona last November and didn't have a problem but did meet several who had bags snatched or pockets picked.
    I was advised not to wear jewellery, good idea anywhere in European large cities, and keep all cash and credit cards secure and use a "day purse/wallet" for incidentals. Don't be seen fishing around for cash.

    Backpack on the front in the subway is a good idea too. I have not ever been in som many crowded streets as in barcelona shopping in late Novemebr. it was a real crush and concern because of pick pockets but maybe I was lucky but nothing bad happened, only good. it's a great city.
  8. Conti

    Conti New Member

    I think you'll be fine there. Just watch out like you would if you were going to any other big city.
  9. ballinger

    ballinger New Member

    I have just returned from Barcelona and will never go back. There is crime in all cities, but it is absolutely rife here. I heard all the warnings and so took all necessary measures to protect myself. Unfortunately that was not enough. I was mugged at 3.30pm outside the Arts Hotel near the port just as I came out of the hotel with my boyfriend. Two young lads on a moped mounted the pavement ran straight into me and stole my handbag right out of my hands.

    It took the police an hour to get to me and they did not seem concerned. When I arrived at the police station I was shocked to see the amount of tourists in the police station reporting bags and purses being stolen. One couple who had hired a car had their tyre deliberately punctured as a set up. A couple pretended to try and help and stole their bags out of the car (passports, cash, cards, camera etc).

    The attitude of the police is appalling. It has become just a paper excercise so that people can go back home and claim on their insurance. They do not bother to speak to you they just give you a form to fill out, which they copy and give back to you.

    They actually told me that they would not do anything about it. The interpreter said that is all he deals with all day is bag snatching and pickpocketing of tourists.

    Apparently the attitude of the law is a contributing factor as even if they get caught the crime is not treated as significant and the perpetrator is let go to commit the crime again.

    That probably explains why these crimes are carried out in broad daylight in such numbers.

    The people at the hotel were not sympathtic or helpful at all. All I had was some cash that was in my pocket. They took all my cards and my boyfriends as his wallet was in my bag as well.

    I never saw any police cars or police on foot the whole time I was there. Considering the amount of crime I would have thought that police presence would have been prominant.

    I have never felt so unsafe and would have left sooner if I could have changed my flight, but as I had no cards to change my flight I had to stick it out.
  10. SwampDog

    SwampDog New Member

    Well, I have to agree with most of the comments. I would not go back to Spain. We traveled to Madrid, San Sebastian and Barcelona. San Sebastian was trouble free but Madrid and Barcelona, never again. Here are some details:

    Well, guys made it through Spain. And I must say that in between all the good moments there were some problems moments.
    I'll try not to be too negative but Spain is not the same place I remember on my first trip to the Costa del Sol.

    Madrid: Care should always be taken in protecting you belongings as thief is very prevalent. An attempted pick pocketing was made upon me as three kids attempted to steal my camera. Failed. We heard other case where this was successful like one particular person having it ripped off his shoulder. If you must go to Spain be prepared to practice caution and conceal what you want to keep. Seems as though Spain has been infiltrated with people from all over Europe and not exactly the best bred as you will read in our last leg of the trip.

    Barcelona: Wasn't in the city 10 minutes and didn't feel good about our choice. Within and hour and a half, we were involved in a scam that resulted in my losing just about everything except my cloths, $1,000 US, passport, cell phone, credit card, debit card, airline schedule, and most important camera with close to 300 pictures from Madrid and San Sebastian. It was devastating. I lost about $1,700 dollars in less than 3 minutes. Called the police and about all they could do was file a report and help us get thing cancelled and off we went. They were very helpful and considerate. It seems that this is a very common occurrence. We meet a man from Iran and he had just gotten his luggage stolen. And later as I had to get a new passport, we meet many people that had lost valuables, one woman who fought back was stabbed. A couple we meet in the Embassy who now live and work in Switzerland and travel every chance they get said that they have had no problems elsewhere until they got to Spain. We were constantly watching our property.
    Went to Madrid to the US Embassy where I had to get a passport to leave the country. An Asian woman was robbed of her baggage on the train. And the Embassy was not the experience we thought it would be. A mess to say the least.

    All in all as much as we did enjoy the sites, the wondering when and if we would be attacked was always there. Everyone has a different experience and opinion but I could not recommend Spain as my future vacation spot. Too much has changed and not all for the best. So, take it for what it is. I will never return to Spain in the Ass even with as much great things there are there to see and experience. I am heading to the mountains next trip.
  11. holidayfriend

    holidayfriend New Member

    yes crime is bad in barcelona, and yes its worse then most places, I went couples years back on a collage art trip, and couple people nearly got items stolen, one person actually walked up to a friend and tried to steal a tie hanging out his top pocket,
    i guess we was alright as we walked around normally in group of about 10 guys.

    but undernearth it all, barcalona is one best cities in world, the buildings are just a eye opener. one of the places you just have to travel and see to believe, seeing pictures of it is nothing compared to being there.
  12. jj67

    jj67 New Member

    i see this thread b, but basically im planning a trip to Barcelona this summer with my girlfriends but I'm starting to get cold feet because it seems the crime rate in Barcelona sky rocketed? is this true? I know crime is to be expected in large cities but is it rally that bad at the moment?
  13. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    hey holidayfriend, not sure crime in Barcelona have skyrocketed..I think it's a bit of scaremongering going on...what it is a problem is petty crime, which is bad yes, but other than that don't be afraid. Don't flash valuables, don't walk by night and keep a lowkey (meaning don't let the entire city know you're a tourist by being loud)

    I've never to Barcelona a few times and I have never been robbed, though thieves do seem to have a sixth sense to locate tourists, their the wallets and valuables so keep on eye out.
  14. filippoQ

    filippoQ New Member

    crime rate in barcelona in 2011

    Just wanted to post our trip report from Barcelona as we just got back. We had an incident where a guy came up to my friend and just grabbed his wrist to apparently look at the time, but there is no doubt he was trying to make a move to take again, just be aware.

    Also, make sure that you have things kept in sight, inside pockets, etc.. separate your money between you if you have large amounts.
  15. pokhuy

    pokhuy New Member

    Barcelona isn't crime ridden

    I've been to Barcelona early this year and I had no problems. I just think that like in any big city, you have to be careful.

    I am not sure "filippoQ" where in Barcelona you were staying but I don't feel Barcelona is crime ridden though I have heard of people been robbed in Las Ramblas. I mean they had been pickpocketed as they were carrying luggage. I think many tourists fall pray to crime because of their unawareness to the fact that tourists are always a target.
  16. wladimirloco

    wladimirloco New Member

    safest areas of barcelona

    There is certain areas you need to avoid in Barcelona as some parts of the city are dangerous,especialy at night. I'd say that the Encants/Marina area is safest areas of Barcelona, though it's not particularly touristy.

    In my opinion though a lot have been said about Barcelona crime rate on this forum which can be applied to many other European cities, so it's not just Barcelona you need to worry about in particular.

    By the way, "FilipoQ" FYI...Barcelona centre is filled with pickpocketers, but isn't Paris and Rome also?
  17. wokkadf

    wokkadf New Member

    pickpocketing in Spain

    pickpocketing is ridiculously bad in Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, and violent crime is on the rise. The mainstream media abroad aren't picking this up, but Spain's economy is really bad and it's affecting all the year cities, which is why crime is getting out of control.

    Don't mean to scare you out of a trip to Barcelona, but if you think because you're in a European country nothing bad will happen to you then, you should rethink.

    I live in Barcelona and I would neither say that it is safe or that I did not have any incidents. watch out when you are in crowds, subway, and deserted areas.
  18. Zpacd

    Zpacd New Member

    Barcelona crime rate is over hyped

    it seems some people on this forum are spreading a bit of scaremongering. Barcelona is a lovely city and i've been going there almost every year without anything ever happening to me.

    Just like anywhere there are areas to avoid like the Gothic Quarter of the Old Town which is known for its pickpockets. It's a bit of a shame because this area is dates back to the medieval era and has beautiful winding streets.

    the Gothic Quarter is packed with tourists wall to wall checking out the little shops and not paying attention which makes them perfect targets for pickpockets. To be honest, I blame tourists for being so careless.
  19. smanthalocke

    smanthalocke New Member

    petty crime is a problem in many tourist destinations

    Yes, you have to watch out for pickpockets but don't become paranoid! Make sure you are still enjoying yourself in Barcelona or there isn't any point in going there, is there?

    Pickpocketing is a problem in Barcelona but so it is in London, Prague, and Rome as someone else was pointing out. To be honest, petty crime is a problem in many tourist destinations around the world, but it doesn't mean that thieves are waiting for you at every corner.

    Just use common sense like not carrying large amounts of cash with you, or leave important documents in a safe deposit box at your hotel.
  20. steveurkle

    steveurkle New Member

    just returned from Barcelona

    I've returned last night from a week vacation in Barcelona and wanted to share my pick-pocket experience with you. First of all, pickpocket is ridiculous over there, it's blatant and comes in all shapes and sizes too!

    When I came out of the metro at the top of the Ramblas station I was standing near a telephone box and someone felt my bum. When I looked back I was expecting to see a guy but only saw a group of young girls so I didn't think much of it.

    A few minutes later, I was surrounded by this group of girls who were laughing loudly and pressuring against me for no reason. When they left, I realized that my backpack was open and my camera was gone!

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