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  1. Raduga

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    Hello all,
    Due to time restriction we need to make a choice to go to Bariloche or Peninsula Valdes.
    We’ve been to Alps and Rockies already, so not sure how similar Bariloche is. At the same time I’ve read that there are penguins in March in Peninsula Valdes, sounds exotic to us. What would you suggest? What are must sees in Bariloche and what must sees in Peninsula Valdes? What are the pluses and minuses?
    Raduga :)
  2. VacationBuddy

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    Hi there,

    Bariloche is a beatiful quite town, situated in the North West of the Patagonia by the Andes, in the heart of the Lake District.

    A popular activity during the summer is Whitewater Rafting along the Rio Manso. There are several companies in town offering 1/2 day or full day excursions including transfers and snacks at the end of the day.
    Bariloche is also famous for its quality fisheries within the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

    If you go to Bariloche during the winter months you can do skiing at the Cerro Cathedral resort which is situated at the base of the hill. You can rent equipment and ski clothing at the base of the hill and in town. A cable car and chairlift join the base where cafes and restaurants await the après-ski.

    Peninsula Valdes, in the other hand, is popular for its whale-watching and daily excursions.

    The Peninsula provides a peaceful refuge for the Southern Right Whales as well as many other fascinating marine animals and land animals such as the mara fox, the guanaco, etc.

    If water activities are your thing, I recommend scuba diving and windsurfing at the main beaches on the town border of Puerto Madryn and Puerto Pirimades.

    Hope this helps
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    Not been to Bariloche, but the whale watching in Peninsular Valdes is superb, you get up really close to them. I'd stay in Puerto Madryn unless you want a 'wilderness experience'.

    Also, Madryn was the landing point for Welsh settlers in the 1860's and they still speak Welsh and Spanish in the area. The village of Gaiman is a nice trip and this is where you're most likely to hear the language spoken. They also have a number of teahouses, which do fantastic teas.
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    Both are very impressive and well worth visiting, but if you have to decide I would recommend Bariloche... the lakes, mountains and views are breathtaking!
    And if you want some outdoor activities this is definitely the place for you. There are really good deals on flights at the moment.

    Hope that helps and have a good trip!

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