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Discussion in 'Argentina' started by Raduga, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Raduga

    Raduga New Member

    Due to time restriction we need to make a choice to go to Bariloche or Peninsula Valdes.
    We’ve been to Alps and Rockies already, so not sure how similar Bariloche is. At the same time I’ve read that there are penguins in March in Peninsula Valdes, sounds exotic to us. What would you suggest? What are must sees in Bariloche and what must sees in Peninsula Valdes? What are the pluses and minuses?
    Raduga :)
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Few years back in July, I had 12 days Argentina vacation and got a chance to explore Bariloche. Bariloche is a popular summer & winter resort in Argentina surrounded by wonderful lakes and Andes Mountains. It's quite far away from Buenos Aires i.e approx. 1,680 kms, but direct flights available from Buenos Aires. Bariloche is a not to miss destination for anyone planning Argentina vacation. It has many things to do & see including Nahuel Huapi National Park, Mount Otto, Cerro Catedral, Cruce de Lagos excursion and Circuito Chico. So I think you go with Bariloche, and dont's miss to buy the delicious chocolates of Bariloche. Bariloche is the chocolate center of Argentina and offers variety of chocolates, I'm really a chocolate lover and tasted many different falvours here, so try it and enjoy your Argentina vacation.
  3. Raduga

    Raduga New Member

    Thanks Andrew! I’ve also asked around and every one says to go to Bariloche, if so, then this is where we will go:)
    Most likely we will be taking a bus, as we will be leaving from Bahia Blanca. We will be a group of people min 4 and max 6. We are all coming for a wedding in Bahia Blanca. None of us speak Spanish.. I was thinking…would it be better perhaps for a group to rent a car or a minivan oppose to taking a bus? How save is it to drive there?
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Hi Raduga, Bariloche is easily reachable by Argentina flights from Buenos Aires and when I traveled it took only 2 hrs. But if you decide to travel only by bus then Argentina offers excellent bus service, and is no exception to travel by to Bariloche. And if you drive a car, then can take National Route 3, continue National Routes 2 and 22 and finally take National Route 237 to reach Bariloche. It takes from 20 to 22 hours, so better go by flight :)
  5. Raduga

    Raduga New Member

    We decided not to fly in Argentina, non residents pay more for the tickets and ridiculously more! Just for fun I’ve compared the difference between a resident vs none resident, the prices were 263.63 CDN$ vs 832.53 CDN $ respectively from Bahia Blanca to Bariloche, one way. 568.90 per person more, it’s outrageously overpriced for foreigners! Anyways…we will be taking a bus suite style at the same time checking the country side of Argentina from the window of the bus:)
    Is there a website available somewhere to book the bus tickets online? If it’s in Spanish its fine with us, we will figure it out with accessible translation tools. I’ve found one site but all departures are from Buenos Aires, we also need other city departures.
    Thanking in advance.
  6. Chenque

    Chenque New Member

    Hello Raduga,

    I would also advise you to go to Bariloche, mainly because the other destination (Peninsula Valdes) is not very interesting right now. The whales have gone already in December and the penguins are leaving too in February.
    You could consider driving from Bahia Blanca to Bariloche (960 km), but this will be quit expensive also if you want to leave the car in Bariloche (estimated cost alone for leaving the car is ARS pesos 3000). Or do you return to Bahia Blanca?)..... anyway, I would consider taking a nightbus, you save money on a hotel and the trip between Bahia Blanca and Bariloche is simpy boring.
    There is one renown buscompany who makes this trip from Bahia Blanca to San Carlos de Bariloche: Via Bariloche. Take the best bed for the night, the "Tutto Leto" service and all of you will arrive relaxed in Bariloche.

    Kind regards,

    Jan Lettinga
  7. Raduga

    Raduga New Member

    Thanks Jan!

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