Batu Caves

Discussion in 'Malaysia' started by balopety, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. balopety

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    I'd like to get an idea from you people about the Batu Caves. Are they worth doing? can you share your experiences, how much it costs, etc
  2. Ruby

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    The Batu Caves are just north of Kuala Lumpur and consist of three main limestone caves and a number of smaller ones. Within the caves are a number of Hindu shrines and loads of playful monkeys running around which are what makes a trip to the caves a fun day trip from KL

    I definitely suggest going to the Batu Caves, though if you're not physically fit, you may find hard work climbing all those stairs, especially with the hot weather. I

    The caves are amazing though, and there is also a wildlife bit aswell where you can see giant gold fish, very old turtles, and other reptiles.

    It costs around 5 Ringgits which is about $2-3
  3. shootandscore

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    Truly worth it. Amazing experience of nature and a must visit if you are in KL. I advice contacting your travel agent and putting you in for a tour to Batu caves. It is usually included during your bus ride to Genting city.
  4. Touch-HD

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    batu caves worth visiting

    definitely! if you're in Malaysia for the first time you can't fail to visit batu caves. The Hindu temple and the beautiful backdrop of the limestone caves provides some really awesome views! The main Batu Cave itself is free, but the caves at the base of the mountain aren't.

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