Bay Area Brew Festival

Discussion in 'California' started by Vicolette, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Vicolette

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    California definitely has the wine and the wine tastings going on but for those who prefer a frothy mug of beer, the 3rd Annual Bay Area Brew Festival is gearing up for Saturday, January 5. Tickets are $40 for general admission from 3pm to 6pm and VIP tickets are $50 for admission from 2pm to 6pm.

    Included in the price, unlimited beer, both domestic and international. There will be dozens of selections to choose from and local food trucks will be on hand to serve up some good food to go along with a cool brew. The event takes place at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.
  2. Qaretop

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    I know Cali's is know for napa's vineyards but all these wine tastings and pairings was getting silly when so many people dont like glad SF is having another beer fest. I attended last year's fest and it was awesome being able to enjoy hours of unlimited beer tastings...then again, im such a beer fan that I could drink for weeks..You gotta love beer if you really want to enjoy this event though.
  3. Vicolette

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    While I enjoy a good glass of wine, there's nothing like a tall, cold mug of brew. I'll take that any day, any time! Whether its Tecate and lime or Bass or Guinness, bring it on. This beer fest looks like one of the perfect things to do in the Bay area that is sure to be a palate-pleaser with its unlimited sampling of all those frothy suds. The price is right, too. :)
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    Bay Area Brew Festival admission

    cold mug of brew...hmmm. Refreshingly reassuring beer,burgers and fried chicken is to me lol. I hope the organizers improve on the beer selection. im glad prices are staying almost rhe same as last years... Admission is $40 for general admission (2pm to 5pm) and $50 for VIP (1pm to 5pm), which includes unlimited beer.

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