Be Ready for trekking In Ooty!

Discussion in 'India' started by aaryanjadon, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. aaryanjadon

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    Ooty is the paradise for trekkers. There are several treks to scale the high hills of Niligiris, varying in distance, altitude and terrain. Whichever trek you choose, one thing is sure that you journey would be full of thrill and excitement. Trekking pamphlets can be hired from the Nilgiri Wildlife and Environment Association. Also, service of a guide, if necessary, can be availed from the same.
  2. keralahmart

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    yeah man i am agree with you there are lots of scope in ooty not only for tracking you can do many thing in ooty ..bets time to visit ooty is winter or summer season i guess
  3. michaelK

    michaelK New Member

    Actually ooty is a place where you can visit any time in a yr.its very cool place and even cheaper also
  4. wanderer

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    Ooty is a great name is the capital of the Nilgiris region. Nilgris means Blue Mountains, which you'll find plenty of them here!
  5. aboutindiancities

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    Ooty is perfect place for trekking,it's a beautiful location too.
  6. PamelaWalker

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    During the vacation its really good and enjoyable if you do these kind of activities. These makes your trip more thrilling and interesting.
  7. nigamrj

    nigamrj New Member

    Me too agreed, Ooty offers perfect weather for trekking, not cold as in Himalayas and it is cheap as well.
  8. ahana2607

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    Winter season is the best seaon for Trekking. Visit Ooty in the duration of December & January. These are the best places in Ooty for trekking
    Mukurthi Trek, Ebbanad Trek, Glenmorgan Trek Parsons Trek,

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