Beach vacation in Mamanuca Islands

Discussion in 'Fiji' started by Evan61, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Evan61

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    I have seen many photos of Mamanuca Islands and really interested to plan a beach vacation in late Jan to Mamanuca? Anybody has done a recent tour to Mamanuca and is it a worth visiting? If so please share your experience. Looking forward for any reply.
  2. Andrew

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    Mamanuca Islands are the most popular group of islands in Fiji and very popular destination for wonderful day trip. I have visited Modriki, Navadra Island, Eori Island, Kadomo Island and Vanua Lailai islands last year. With wonderful white sandy beaches, famous dive sites, exciting water sports, these Fiji Islands offers a really a relaxing break for every traveller.
  3. JacksonIn

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    Navini is my favorite resort and it's is always very quiet and beautiful even during peak season. Also, my trip by ferry from Navini to Nadi Islands was awesome. There are plenty of tours which give you the chance to explore all attractions. Navini Island Resort is a private island and there are many beach front accommodation available with great service. You can explore the reef, enjoy a variety of watersports and more. Definitely it should be a worthful trip for you.

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