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Discussion in 'Belgium' started by jenniofthebok, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. jenniofthebok

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    hi guys, we'll be traveling this summer to Brugge and spending 20 days there. We'd like to enjoy the beach if possible..I was wondering if anyone has done the trip from Brugge to Ostend? what things to do there and what to check out? thanks!
  2. Ruby

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    Ostend is like 10 miles from Brugge so it's not far at all. You can get a bus or train and be here in no time. You can always spend a few days here and enjoy the beach, the lively nightlife, casinos, and a few tours.

    For instance, a walking tour of Ostend will have visiting places like: St Peter Church, St Paul’s Church, Fort Napoleon deserve the Arts Museum.
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    Ostend doesn't really have nice beaches, better go to Den Haan or De Panne.
    They are small little cities at the belgian coastline, well worth visiting and with cosy beaches

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