beach vacation in St. Lucia?

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    if you are looking for a beach vacation getaway in St Lucia, you need to know that St. Lucia is not known for its beaches. In fact, much of island is volcanic, mountainous, forest, etc That said, if all you want is a beach with bars/restaurants, you can find that in Rodney Bay which has a beach there with swimmable waters.
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    what to do in St. Lucia

    St Lucia is stunning. I suggest doing a bus tour to see the centre of the island, or better still hire a pick up to get around and explore by yourself. The roads are still in bad condition so you may want to take with you motion sickness pills. Also, book a catamaran tour from Soufriere to travel along the picturesque coast back to Castries.
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    if you can try staying in Soufriere because this area of the island is super beautiful and offers plenty of things to do like waterfalls, sulphur springs, botanical gardens, hiking trails, and boat rides. The other place I recommend staying at is Rodney Bay. If you do stay there do rent bikes to explore Pigeon Island.

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