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Discussion in 'Beaches' started by curlysue, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. curlysue

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    Hi! We're planning to go to Mexico bet Feb to March next year. We just need to take a break from our work and spend 2 weeks of vacation. So Mexico is a dream destination for me. I need a few suggestions from you guys coz I'm torned between Playa Del Carmen and Cabo San Lucas. I want to see the El Arco but I have a feeling that it's more expensive to go to Cabo comparedto Playa. Do you guys have any idea? Can you suggest which of the 2 places is best to visit?
  2. Reaching44

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    Playa Del Carmen and Cabo San Lucas are very two different places. Cabo is super touristy, hence tons of restaurants, shops and other amenities. Playa del carmen is much more laid back, has tropical weather and ruins to visit. Cabo is basically a mostly all inclusive resort orientated place that lacks soul due to the over commercialization.

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