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  1. Annassie2

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    how do beaches in Slovenia compare to the beaches in Croatia? we'd like to really visit Slovenia in August rather the typical European beach destinations like spain and France?
  2. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    Slovenian beaches have an Italian feel to them and are great if you’re looking for a quiet beach to spend the day in crystal clear waters, though do bear in mind that most of them have more pebbles than sand!

    Piran, Izola, Koper, and Portoroz all have great beaches, though I'd say that the best and most popular stretch of sandy beach in Slovenia is Portoroz as it boasts many spa resorts where you can enjoy treatments in the thermal waters.
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  3. wanderer

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    Even though Slovenia has a short shoreline...only 40 km...there are some lovely beaches in Slovenia. Besides the rocky beaches, you can expect to find calm, clear waters. Even if it's too chilly for swimming, many of the yachts and boat charters are still available in the fall. :)
  4. joyne

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    Piran is amazing!! You should definitely go there!!!
  5. Benston

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    Beaches in Croatia are much more exotic in the summer, but you sholud visit the Slovenian beaches also, they are worth visiting..

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