Beaches near Birmingham

Discussion in 'Alabama' started by Vicolette, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Vicolette

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    Just a quick heads up for travelers heading to Birmingham. If you want to take a day trip or plan an overnight excursion to the beach, you’re in luck with beautiful beaches to choose from in three states. In Alabama, Gulf Shores is the premier beach resort location situated on the Gulf of Mexico and only a five hour drive from B’Ham. An easy 4+-hour drive from Birmingham will take you to the beautiful Destin and Ft Walton Beach area in the panhandle of Florida. Panama City is a little over 5 hours away. For a little longer trip take will take approximately 6+ hours, you can scoot over to Savannah, Georgia and the barrier islands for a quick dip in the Atlantic.
  2. juancarlosII

    juancarlosII New Member

    best beaches near Birmingham

    I love the beaches at Perdido Key, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, though Perdido Key is more secluded and less crowded. If you want more action going on, Orange Beach has restaurants and bars right on the beach as well as an amusement park very close by. To get there take I-65 South and get off at 113 (flomation). It turns into Route-29 when you cross the FL line.
  3. mitraveler

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    I've always though that Orange Beach was the most charming. It feels the most cozy to me...and I really love the sand there.
  4. fitter4

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    Orange Beach best beach

    I've been to Orange Beach for the last two years in October, and I think that Octer is the best month to be in Orange beach. The water is warm and the days are cool...Best of all, no people, no waits, no traffic, great rates, and national shrimp festival is also happening. I'd suggest everyone to come on down to Orange Beach in the first week of October:)
  5. windzdb

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    This is the beach in Orange Beach, near Phoenix East. It's beautiful! Im going to Gulf Shores in a few days and i go every year, I cannot wait im so EXCITED!

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  6. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    How was your trip to Orange Beach? What is the beach scene like this time of year? Is it warm enough to go swimming in November? I'm already tired of the cold weather. The beach sounds great to me!
  7. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    We're having unseasonable warm weather here in the Sunshine state. We're still flirting with 80 degree temps in December. How is the weather affecting the beaches up your way?
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