Bed bugs? How bad is it really?

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by mitraveler, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. mitraveler

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    Somehow, we got on the subject of bedbuds today at the office, and it sounds just terrible. I was just wondering if any of you had found any out there. I hope it wasn't too horrible. Are there any precautions we can take when staying in travel accommodations?
  2. Janice56

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    tips for avoiding bedbugs bites

    bed bugs is something you come to expect in cheap hotels and motels, though just because the hotel looks nice doesnt mean you wont get bed bugs. what i do when walking in to the hotel room is give the bed, hotel sofa, cushions, etc a thorough bedbug inspection and look for blood stains or small mold-like dots. Never just lay on a sofa or bed anywhere in your hotel room and keep your belongings, clothes in the bathroom or kitchen. im told bedbugs wont reach there;)
  3. Buckd

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    Bed bugs are really bad

    Those are good tips...I learnt the hard way about bedbugs while on vacation. The worst thing though about these bugs is that they arent just found in beds.

    Apparently, bedbugs can also hide in airplanes, trains, and taxis. For extra protection, I keep my suitcase encased in a plastic zip-up bag during my trip. On a good note, bedbugs dont carry diseases, though the itcheiness is damn annoying (lol).
  4. wordpresseru

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    check customers reviews

    I've had the unpleasant encounter with bed bugs and I was staying in a 4 star hotel. Nowadays, I dont trust any hotel so what i do is before I book a room, is look up online the hotel’s name and “bedbugs†and use tripadvisor to see what others are saying. Customers reviews are the best way to tell. That way, you won't have to deal with the annoyance of having to check for bugs on yr vacation.
  5. betty30

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    Nothing is going to helpful n this case. Just take bug killer powder with you when you are going to stay in hotel. Spray it on bed before sleeping. You can get the true result of hotels seeing the reviews.
  6. ElCamono

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    inspect your hotel room

    very simple, if you find fecal stains,egg cases, and shed skins in or near your bed that means bed bugs galore. Forget about dropping your luggage in the toilet to inspect for bedbugs in your hotel room. I'd go as far as to say to leave your luggage by the door when you arrive. If it turns out that the room is infested, why go all the way in?

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