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  1. cleana-clena

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    hiya, when is the best time to enjoy the Belgian Beaches and what are the most popular Belgian Beach destination?
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    Most Belgians flock to the Belgium beaches in the summer months, so summer is definitely the best time to enjoy them.

    You’ll find thirteen seaside resorts along the Belgian coast, and these resorts are all linked together by the world’s longest-running tram line.

    This means that you can hop on the tram near the French border at De Panne to Knokke Heist municipality which is one of the best Belgian Beach destinations, as it is home to many boutiques.
  3. ixke

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    De Panne is a real nice place
    Going along the coastline one should also certainly stop in De Haan and why not in Blankenberge.
    Knokke is for the (would be) richies, loads of hype cars and (would be) hype people te be seen there ;-)))
  4. bbrian

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    April to October is the peak season to visit the Belgian Beaches:)

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