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    What kind of Belgium apartments can i expect to find in Brussels and Antwerp and what kind of amenities do they offer? Also, do Belgium apartments offer value for money?

    thanks in advance!
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    hi there,

    Brussels apartments will vary a bit when it comes to amenities and such. You can definitely lean towards luxury if you wish when weighing your choices for Belgium apartments in general, but even the simpler candidates are quite complete.

    The choices for Antwerp apartments can also see you enjoying a home away from home in the heart of the city. The Antwerp apartments will have you within walking distance of a number of eateries. Since you will have your own kitchen, you can prepare your own meals as well and probably save some money by doing so. Also, if you are not renting a car, many Antwerp apartments will have you close to public transportation.

    Standard amenities in the Belgium apartments that you can rent include a well-equipped kitchen or kitchenette, at least one full bathroom, cable TV, furniture, bed sheets, and basic toiletries.

    Overall, the Belgium apartments that are available for rent are generally well-priced, and when you consider all that you get in return, it makes for a satisfying price to quality ratio.

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