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    During our trip in Belgium, we're planning to enjoy many tours. In particular, I wanted to ask about Belgium bike tours? Can you tell me more about this?

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    hi there,

    If you want cycling to be the focal point of your Belgium holiday, there are Belgium bike tours on offer that involve more than one day and more than one city.

    Flanders is a great place to enjoy extended Belgium bike tours. There are well-marked trails throughout the region, and many of the bike trails here follow along scenic canals and rivers.

    When basing yourself in Brugge, there is a trail that links it to Ghent, so you can easily head east to check out some of the Ghent attractions, such as Gravensteen Castle.

    You will also enjoy riding along the coast. There are well established routes along the coast of Belgium, and the flat terrain is most accommodating for a leisurely romp. Plus, you can always take a break on one of the Belgium beaches, where a midday picnic is surely something to savor.

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