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    Even though it's been a long time since I've visited Belgium, I still have fond memories of the food that I enjoyed there. The chocolate is world-famous for a reason, and it's easy to find at shops in towns large and small. I also enjoyed the frites (french fries cooked in butter and dipped in mayo) and the waffles, which were eaten more like snacks than breakfast. Obviously, low-fat is not important in the Belgian dining scene but taste sure is!
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    eating in Belgium

    I had my fair share of yummy waffles and suggestion i'd make to save money in Belgium is to go to the big supermarket rather convenience stores. Also, avoid eating in restaurants and go to the smaller eateries. Foods I ate mostly were fresh rolls, ham, cheese, pita gyros and fruit juices (all very cheap) for lunches and dinners.
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    Belgium national dishes

    don't forget checking out Belgium's national dishes like Waterzooi (fish stew), Paling in’t groen (eels with vegies) , Smoutebollen (lard balls), Boudin Blanc (pork with rice), etc.
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    There's some really good advice. I live in Holland, Michigan, so we have some of the same influences that they have in Belgium. During our annual Tulip Festival, the big hit is olibollen, which is similar to the Smoutebollen. I only allow myself one a has that many calories!

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