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Discussion in 'Belize' started by wanderer, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Want to see where chocolate is born? There is a farm tour in Belize that will explain how cacao is grown and what it takes to turn the plant into chocolate (Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for writing this article). Pop's Agouti Cacao Farm Tour is San Pedro Columbia, about 40 minutes outside of the capital Punta Gorda. Plus, there are other activities and festivals that celebrate this yummy staple crop.
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    Oh I would love to! I'm a chocolate addict and used to dream of me bathing in chocolates. lol. Anyway, now that I have my job, I'm starting to research on the best way I can visit chocolate farms anywhere. Would love to try this one if there's a travel site that can arrange the best deal for me and my partner. Would love to hear suggestions from you guys. Thanks. :)
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    Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Australia and Belize offer an exciting Chocolate Factory Tours and allow you to make your own chocolate. In 2016 late November, we have visited Che'il Mayan Chocolate factory which is located just 20-25 minutes from one of the best beach front Belize hotels Villa Verano and our half day tour of chocolate making starts from the amazing history of chocolate, cacao tree - how chocolate process starts and ends with a delicious Mayan chocolate bar in our hands. Really it was an amazing experience and don't miss it.

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