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Discussion in 'Bermuda' started by recuperai, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. recuperai

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    If you happen to travel to Bermuda looking for nightlife, be aware that most bars/clubs only open during the high season. There are about a dozen or so nightclubs in Bermuda and many of them are located in Hamilton City like Ozone Nightclub Bermuda, Level Nightclub (located off Front Street), Spinning Wheel Night Club and Cosmopolitan Ultra Lounge.
  2. 34jopux

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    One nice place to hang out is The Royal Dockyard (Kings Wharf area). It's only a short ferry ride from Hamilton Dockyard. During the cruise ship season they held a Harbour Nights event up in The Royal Dockyard and another one down in Hamilton itself. During this time, you can enjoy late night shopping, which is cool.
  3. reigning

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    Bermuda's nightlife is mostly located in the city of Hamilton, along Front Street which is littered with bars. By the way if you go out to the Dockyard, be aware that there are no late night ferries/ buses. Also, after midnight the taxi fare becomes really expensive.

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