best area in aruba & then which resort

Discussion in 'Aruba' started by lashes, Aug 20, 2008.

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    my fiance & i are thinking of aruba for our honeymoon
    its in early october.
    we are very drawn to aruba.. however the "BIG" hotels arent something we are really interested in, as we dont want to feel like we're just staying at another north american resort.. hence why we are opting for a smaller, low-rise resort.. not to mention we really dont want crowded resorts/beach, etc..
    i was wondering if someone could please tell me which all inclusive resort would be best for what we're looking for.. bearing in mind that we do like nice accommodations & we Love food! :)
    do you think all inclusive is the way to go in the first place ?
    any suggestions?
    is it true, that palm beach is more crowded as opposed to eagle beach (which i believe is further south)
    i assume the qualty of beaches are the same, be it north or south?
    any help in any way is greatly appreciated! :)

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