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Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by Dontknow, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Dontknow

    Dontknow New Member

    According to TripAdvisor latest poll, Cua Dai Beach in Vietnam has been voted one of the top 25 beaches in Asia. I've never been to this beach particularly but I know Vietnam's beaches are just lovely. My favorite one perhaps is Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island...soft sand beach with a beautiful mountain as a backdrop.
  2. Nofear333

    Nofear333 New Member

    Yeah, according to Trip Advisor Boracay is the best beach in Asia. Well, Boracay is nice but to be honest I just don't pay attention to lists of any kind. What's best for one person, may not be for someone else. I wonder what they take into consideration when deciding the best beach? Or is it just random picking...seems like the latter to me.
  3. banga

    banga New Member

    that is true. Best beach is Cua Dai Beach. I'm proud of Vietnam :D
  4. Adventure Indochina

    Adventure Indochina New Member

    Nha Trang is the place has most beautiful beaches. They're the natural beachs so have values to discover. And I think you need go more spots not only beaches.
  5. Azure Swift

    Azure Swift New Member

    yep, Vietnam possesses many wonderful beaches, Cua Dai beach, Nha Trang beach, all are really beautiful but i adore beaches in Phu Quoc island, it is pristine and extremely charming.
  6. brayden lyle

    brayden lyle New Member

    Cua Dai is very great, especially, seafood here is delicious. In early 2016, Cua Dai was eroded but due to the effort of local authority, now it has been recovered.
  7. Zay

    Zay New Member

    Best beach in Asia? Its so hard to tell, i go for Ko Samet in Thailand, or palawan in Philippines or Phu Quoc in Vietnam. Hard to tell again :)
  8. Royal Palace

    Royal Palace New Member

    Hi everyone.

    Cua Dai is very interesting, but I'm not sure whether it is best beach in Asia because I think that Vietnam and Asia have many other beach nicer Cua Dai, EX: Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phu Quoc...

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