best beaches in Fiji

Discussion in 'Fiji' started by PeterManfredo, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. PeterManfredo

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    we're unsure which beach we wish to visit and Fiji beach resort so I need your input. Can you tell me what beaches in Fiji are popular with tourists and have the best resorts?
  2. Ruby

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    Fiji has hundreds of beautiful pristine beaches with crystal clear waters, though many of them are privately owned.

    I think one of the best beaches in Fiji has to be Viti Levu, as it's home to the resort areas of Nadi and Denarau island.

    Nadi is Fiji's tourist gate with the international airport and multiple hotels, hostels, bars and restaurants, good beaches and clear sea; while Denarau is a small island great for romantic vacations.

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